::Hello Fall::
Quote from the book Anne of Green Gables

Quote from the book Anne of Green Gables

I agree Anne with an "e" October is my favorite month. That is why I picked it for my wedding and why I am in a hurry to get summer over with!  Along with celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary to my Studhubs Kevin I have composed a bucket list of things I would like to do this Fall!  Even as I am writing this I have begun to welcome fall with autumn candles burning, wrapped up in cozy sweaters, and listening to a playlist of songs I associate with fall!

My October Bucket List:

- Pick a peck of apples from an orchard

- Make apple pie

-Visit a pumpkin patch and carve my pumpkin

-Drink hot apple cider

-Try my hand at butternut squash soup

-Take family walks crunching through fallen leaves

- Unpack my sweaters, scarves, and boots

-Cuddle with Studhubs under warm blankets and watch a movie

-Host or attend a Bonfire with friends

-Make sure my house wax warmers and candles are switched to cinnamon, fall leaves, and Pumpkin scents 


That is my list and I can't wait to begin knocking it out! What things do you have planned for fall? Leave a comment below! I'd love to know how everyone else welcomes fall each year!

Here is a board I have started with inspiration for my October bucket list.