This girl! I cannot tell you how long it took to convince her to have senior portraits done and having known her, and being close friends with her family, I was entitled to prod her on more than I would a client. I even got her sister involved (who's portraits I had previously done) to try to persuade her to say yes. I think Hannah's hesitation may have come from somewhere deep down but was masked as a "I just dont want to." 

I think we have all felt insecure and apprehensive about donning hair, makeup, and snazy outfits when the production is all done in front of a camera. And lets face it the camera captures it all, and we have little control as to what results on the other side.

I get that and accept the challenge to alleviate those fears! I encouraged Hannah that with me her senior session would not only be a blast but I would capture her easy going personality; The photos I take are important because it captures her at this turning point in her life and that these photos were not just for her but for her parents, grandparents, for her children and grandchildren! Portraits last and are enjoyed now but also for the generations ahead that will treasure these moments of you; the beautiful, cheery, talented, creative, passionate, amazing you!

Don't believe me? Just have a look....