Why do I need Senior Portraits?


High school. I can honestly say there have been times where I have wished I could go back to experience some of the most fun activities (band geek guilty as charged!), lasting friendships, and that the most important thing on my agenda was Friday night football games. The fact is the 4 years I spent in high school shaped a lot of who I am today and where a lot of my passions started; I mean I met my husband while I was in high school, though little did I know it then!

I gather a lot of people can say the same. And not only do we like to reflect back on those defining years but we also have grown and changed so much since then.

So when I have a begrudging senior client who's parent is more excited about their senior session that they are and they ask me this question, here is what I say:

  1. This is the last time you will ever be at this point in your life and you can never go back so document it well! I know I know you can always head back to the pics you and your friends posted on your timeline or on your Instagram but there is some thing to be said about professional photos and how they capture you; at this season in your life. 
  2. Its a rite of passage! There is a reason that you get to forgo the crappy school picture this year and do things YOUR way. You get to pick what you showcase in your photos; you in your element weather is climbing trees, tossing a football, or tooting your horn, you get to be in charge and have a portfolio of photos that documents who you were at this point in your life.
  3.  Legacy- contrary to what I stated above its not all about you! Sorry. You have to think of your family; parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who all love you and want to add these special photos to their frames and albums. Not to mention your future spouse will be curious to peek into your past and have a look. Every time I look at my husbands photos I try to imagine what he might have been like back then and how he interacted with friends teachers and coaches. Oh and don't for get all the people that will come after you. No! There are no "senior photo ninjas" who come after you if you don't get them done! I'm talking about your kids or nephews and nieces etc.
  4. By the time you think about getting portraits of yourself again it will probably be for your LinkedIn page or your wedding day and you probably have changed a lot by then. So if you don't have any photos of yourself now it will be like a chunk of your story is missing. I would hate for that to happen. Lets face it sometimes you just don't see the need for senior photos because maybe (mistakenly) you believe that your not worth it or your a little self conscious and the whole ordeal would be uncomfortable and pointless. My dear friend; please trust me when I say that you are worth it; you are an amazing soul and created with intention and purpose. I promise your session with me will be fun, relaxed, and I will not let you down!  Don't believe me? Just take a look at Hanna's session or watch the video below:

So, do you need Senior photos? I think its worth the investment for sure! I have been where you are right now and Im glad that I made the decision to have my portraits done for senior year. I chose my outfits, got my hair done, and brought my sister and a few friends along for the experience. It was a fond memory and part of closing out the high school chapter of my life. And look! I have the photos to prove it:

Tania (Lopez) Felger Class of 2005 - Franklin Park Conservatory :)

Tania (Lopez) Felger Class of 2005 - Franklin Park Conservatory :)

So tell me your thoughts; are you excited, dreading, or on the fence about getting your Senior Portraits done? Comment below! And if you know of a senior who may find this a good read feel free to share!


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