Bryce is One - Cake Smash Sneak Peek


Half naked babies, icing, and no worries; whats not to love about a good ol' cake smash right? And this little guy here was a charmer! Mom and dad would set him down and he flashed me a smile and done! On to the next spot! Seriously he was a dream! And let's not forget about mom and dad; they were behind me every step of the way making noises, gestures, and I think I recall hearing something about a "cowboy does..." something or other while mom jumped up and down (mom knows ;) ) It was a tag team effort and they did great! Daddy knew just what to do to get this boy's cries (it was allowed - he changed outfits 3 times and the icing was getting all over his fingers ok!) to turn into laughter. And isnt this the cutest little circus theme? Complete with a ring master AND a tiger! Check out this sneak peek (be sure to change the quality to HD for best result!):

Happy Birthday Bryce! You sure are one loved little boy :)


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