:: Seth and Lisa - She Said Yes!::

I could not contain my excitement when I got the message on facebook. My dear friends' boyfriend, Seth, messaged me asking if I could photograph their proposal....and if that wasn't excitement enough he was planning on doing it in the Ohio State Stadium! Ah! Can you believe it! Lisa is one of the biggest Buckeye fans I know! And did I mention she has an amazing talent for the best chocolate peanut butter Buckeyes ever; you can find out when she makes her next batch by visiting here!

It was an overcast, drizzle-y day and I waited to meet with Seth before walking up to the stadium. He walked over full of nerves with a huge bouquet of flowers and dressed to a T! You could tell he had planned every detail and was hoping everything went as planned. 

Lisa was coming to meet a client for work and the Stadium staff met her and while she waited to "meet a client" they took her into the stadium to have a look. While we waited I had a great time talking to Seth and it was so sweet how he spoke about my friend Lisa and her daughter Grace. He loves them both so much. Little did she know her Love would meet her at the 50 with a special question just for her...

Congrats you two! So excited for you both! <3

Have you ever been proposed to in the Shoe? .....ok how about have you ever been in the Shoe? Tell me about it in the comments! I love to read them!

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