::5 Facts About Me::

  1. I am attracted to any and everything that sparkles!
  2. I have a dream to someday move to the country in an old farmhouse with a barn and a few acres of land. Ideally it would have views of mountains, a small lake, 5 pygmy goats, 10 chickens, 2 horses, ducks, and a pool!
  3. I love cooking and have a gift of throwing ingredients together to make new and tastey dishes. I hate however doing the dishes afterward!
  4. I love taking vacations with my husband. We try to venture out at least twice a year.
  5. My husband and I also own a couple rentals and do a lot of the home repairs and remodeling ourselves (with the help of some pretty awesome family members!). Every time I watch HGTV my husband dreads all the ideas I hope become a reality! 

Tania Felger

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about me!! I have been taking portraits professionally since 2012. There is something satisfying about knowing you took a photograph that a family will cherish for years to come. In fact my love of photography began just like that; as a child (and even now!) one of my favorite past times was looking through all the old albums my grandpa made of all the trips my parents and my family went on over the years. I was captivated by the images of seeing my parents and aunts and uncles  as children, teens, and on their wedding day. My photography business is driven by the fact the the portraits you invest in now are not just for you to enjoy but they are for those that come after you. 




You may get a chance to meet my husband Kevin who when needed lends me a hand. He usually helps me with weddings or occasionally a family session. If the kids start to get in a mood Kevin is my secret weapon! They love him! His day job is working as a bookkeeper and IT tech for a local accounting firm. He also volunteers as the Youth Leader of our church's youth group and once per month at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at a local middle school.

We have 2 dogs; Maya 9yrs - German Shepherd and Tirzah 2yr - Cocker Spaniel. We love riding our bikes, hiking, canoeing, and camping in our free time. God has blessed us greatly and we are thankful for His grace everyday.