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Life Leaves a Legacy

I love family sessions and as your family photographer it is my job (and delight) to capture your family's portrait; the one that you hang on the mantle or get framed - your family at that moment in time. But my favorite photographs are all the moments in-between that I managed to capture. Those tickle fights on the fly full of toothless grins and laughter - or the bouncing curls and turn of the head and smile before she is off again running from her siblings. I thinks its those moments frozen in time that you treasure for a lifetime. I also know how important it is to print your photographs or make an album and how busy life can get for you and all too often those photographs needlessly stay on a cloud or computer somewhere and you rarely get to enjoy them! Because of this I have included prints and albums into my packages to save you time and allow you and your family to enjoy the photographs throughout the years. Take a look below...


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